Get rid of Negative Beliefs, Being happier!

Ever feel in doubt with yourself? Well, it means that negative beliefs are overwhelming your mind. Actually, that’s just usual but it does really affect your health and in some cases it evokes depressionanxiety, and even anger.

The negative talk within yourself can be such tool that make you feel worthless. So, if the next time you become aware of that negative talk overwhelming in your head, try these following steps below from Michelle Gielan :

1) Write down the negative thought. Listen to your inner dialogue and take note of what it is saying. It could be a simple one-liner. Some examples are: “I am never going to be in good shape;” “I am so bad at relationships and no one wants to date me;” and “I will never get a new job.”

2) Write down evidence to prove this thought is true. Let’s take the first negative thought from above: “I am never going to be in good shape.” Evidence could include: I am trying to get in shape but my workouts don’t seem to get any easier. I still find it hard to run a mile on the treadmill. I am sore after lifting weights.

3) Write down the ramifications if this thought is true. If the statement “I am never going to be in good shape” is true, that means I am always going to be out of breath when I get on the treadmill. Climbing stairs at the office will continue to be exhausting for the rest of my life. I can never improve my level of physical fitness no matter how hard I workout at the gym. I am such a loser because I just can’t seem to stick to my workout plan or even show up at the gym twice a week.

4) Argue with yourself. Dispute the thought. Write down a list of reasons why this is not true. For instance, other people who go to the gym regularly do get in better shape. I was once in better shape when I exercised three times a week. Just by going to the gym once a week, I can already feel a difference climbing the stairs at work, even though I still get tired. That means I am making some progress and improving my level of fitness.

5) Ask yourself if you want to believe that thought anymore. What value does it hold in your life? What do you get out of believing that thought? What could you achieve in life if you didn’t believe that thought? “I am never going to be in good shape” does not help motivate anyone to workout. The thought provides no positive value to your life. Choosing not to believe it opens up the possibility that you could actually get in shape.

After all, arguing with ourselves can be a great tool to help us change the way we see the world but doing it everytime will make you devastated. Keep remember,  once we knock down these negative, limiting thoughts, we get out of our own way and start seeing that achieving anything really is possible.

Have a nice try!

Being true to yourself, Being happier!

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